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The Global Association for Research Methods and Data Science serves all such researchers and data scientists who are interested in advanced research methods and innovative data science technologies, as well as related software tools. The association aims to empower researchers, data scientists and analysts with training, certification and special RMDS technologies. It has a forum for participants to discuss research methodology, data science, and RMDS technologies.

The RMDS (formerly the RM Institute)  was started in 2001 as an informal expert network to offer training and consultation on quantitative research methods and analytical, with its focus on evaluation, assessment and scoring. Since then, the RMDS has provided a lot of RMDS training & consulting services on customer scoring and program evaluation, and has served hundreds of organizations including many well known organizations such as the United Nations and Ingram Micro.

To contact RMDS, please email its office at  info AT ResearchMethods.org .

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