Dr. Alex Liu is a research methods and data science leader.

Dr. Liu is one of the world's top experts for big data analytics and machine learning as applied to study people and societies. He currently serves as a Chief Data Scientist for IBM Analytics Services where he serves big corporation clients, develops big data analytics IPs, and speaks at industrial conferences such as STRATA, Insights, SMAC and BigDataCamp.

In the past, Alex served as a Chief Data Scientist for a few companies including RS and TRG. Before that, Dr. Liu was a lead consultant and a director at RMDS/RMA, under which he had provided data analytics consultation and training to many well known organizations including the United Nations, Indymac Bank, AOL, Ingram Micro, GEM, Farmers Insurance, Scripps Networks, IBM/Sears and USAID. At the same time, Dr. Liu taught advanced research methods to Ph.D. candidates in the University of Southern California and the University of California at Irvine. Before then, he worked as a managing director for CATE/GEC, and as a research fellow for the Asia/Pacific Research Center at Stanford University.

Alex has a Ph.D. of Quantitative Sociology and a M.S. of Statistical Computing from Stanford University. Dr. Liu is a Christian, and now lives in South Pasadena of California. Alex was a leading thinker of 4Capital theory (spiritual capital, social capital, intellectual capital, material capital), and was a known democracy promoter.

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