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UNBOUND Miami Conference Oct 2018

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Interviewed by EE TV  August 2018

IBM Think 2018
IBM Think Conference Author Signing 2018

Interviewed by iFang TV 2018

Interviewed by iFang TV 2017

HealthData in Los Angeles 2017

Spoken on FinTech in Beijing 2016

Spoken in Jinggangshan University 2016

Spoken on Big Data in San Jose 2015

On Spiritual Capital in San Diego 2011

Spoken in London for UN 2008

Survey in Kenyan 2007

Spoken in Kazakhstan 2007

With province leaders in Kazakhstan 2006

Spoken in Kyrgyzstan 2006

Spoken in Sri Lanka 2003

Spoken to Muslim Children 2003

Spoken in Stockholm 2001

With the Mayor of Okayama 2000

With the President of the Phillipines 1997

Spoken in San Jose 1995

Milton Friedman
With Milton Friedman 1988


A Partial List of Dr. Alex Liu's Publications and Speeches




Big Data and Machine Learning to Revolutionize Social and Business Research




Improving AI Adoption Success with IBM Big Data & AI Ecosystems, February 2019 San Francisco, IBM Think Conference

An ecosystem approach to improve data science success, January 2019, Scottsdale, Open Group annual conference

Embracing AI and Machine Learning, Oct 2018, Miami, Fl,  Unbound Miami Convention

Building Data Science Ecosystems for Smart Cities and Smart Commerces, September 2018 Stockholm SWEDEN, IBM Analytics University Convention

Building Better Predictive Models with Cognitive Assistance in a Data Science Ecosystem, September 2018 Pasadena NASA JPL

Enterprise Blockchain Development, July 2018, Los Angeles, BDI Conference

Utilizing Open Data and Machine Learning to Contiunly Improve City Services, March 2018 Las Vegas, IBM Think Conference

DMA Webinar - Improving Marketing Effectiveness with R and Spark Jan. 2018 Webinar, Data & Marketing Assocaition

HealthData 2017 - Transforming Health Care with Big Data Analytics Nov. 2017 Los Angeles

BOOK SERIES: New Research Methods in the Era of Big Data and AI 2017

TECH Report: Statistical Machine Learning for Big Data May 2017

MEETUP: Spark Discussion with Dr. Alex Liu Jan. 2017 Chicago & Milwaukee WI

IBM Big Data & Analytics Blog
1) Apply good data science to outthink competitors’ marketing
2) 8 ways to turn data into value with Apache Spark machine learning

Apache Spark Machine Learning Blueprints, Packt Publishing May 2016

Big Data Analytics for Credit Scoring and Fraud Detection, March 2016, Beijing Puhui FinTech Conference

Cal Tech Speach: Research Methods in the Era of Big Data and Cognitive Computing Jan. 2016 Pasadena, Cal Tech

Structural Equation Modeling and Latent Variable Approaches, Wiley May 2015

Turning big data into big insight, Los Angeles, June 2014, LA Big Data Conference

Workflows of Turning Big Data into Big Insights, Los Angeles, May 2014, SMAC Conference

A holistic view of customer satisfaction with big data analytics, iSKY Tech Report 2013

Assessing the impacts of US Aid to Accidently Injured Iraq Families During the Irag War, USAID Report 2012

New trends in decision technology: big data and analytics automation, March 2012, Macau University School of Management

Credit Scoring for Alternative Financing, 2011, RMDS Tech Report

A Bayesian Modification of Time Series Modeling Click Through Rates, 2011, RM & Shopzilla Tech Report

A 4Capital Theory, RM Publishing 2010

Building Structural Equation Models in Social Science - A Textbook, August 2009, RM

Building Regression Models in Social Science - A Textbook, April 2009, RM Publishing

Chinese democracy indices and ranking, March 2009, Academia Sinica Research Report

Intellectual Capital Development and 4Capital Theory, chapter in A Collection of Intellectual Capital International Conference, Kazakhstan May 2008

Measuring Spiritual Capital as a Latent Variable, RM Tech Report, Widely Quoted by SC Researchers, 2007

Using SEM to Improve Risk Modeling for IndyMac Bank, 2007  RM Tech Report

Entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan - Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2007 Kazakhstan National Report, Babson College

Assessing Impacts of Islam on Entrepreneurship - a survey in Osh of Kyrgyzstan, Fall 2006, UCSD Tech Report 

A Book Review Note On “Causality: Models, Reasoning, and Inference” by Judea Pearl, August 2005, Yorktown Heights, New York: IBM Research

Business Application of Information Technologies, Nov 2004, Paris, France ISM Lecture

Impacts of Social Networks and Internet on Community Development, April 2003, Pacific Sociological Association Annual Conference

Index Correlation, Measurement Reliability and Biased Estimation - Measuring Democracy as a Latent Variable, USC Report 2003

Seven Steps to Build a Good Regression Model, February 2002, Riverside, Southern California Political Methodology Conference

Political Participation and Dissatisfaction with Democracy: A Comparative Study of New and Stable Democracies, July 2001 CSES Research Paper, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan


The intergration of online research systems and knowledge management systems, Singapore International Knowledge Management Conference, July 2000

ResearchMap Based Online Knowledge Management System, June 1999, Okayama, Japan

A Survey of Global Chinese Relations and Its Social Network Analysis, GEC-Singdao Newspaper Report 1998

Asian American Entrepreneurship Survey and Analysis, 1997, CATE Tech Report, Pacific Rim Business Review Fall Special Issue

A Talk on US China Trade, Autumn 1996, Minority in Business Magazine

The Effect of Copayments and Income on the Utilization of Medical Care by Subscribers to Japan's National Health Insurance System, April 1995, International Journal of Health Services


Problems of current social research and their solutions, Stanford Social omputing Conference, 1994

Patterns and Results of the Third Democratization Wave, August 1993, University Press of America

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