4Capital and Performance


By Dr. Alex Liu



ISBN: 978-0-9840561-3-2

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This book proposes a 4capital framework as to study determinants of best performance for individuals, organizations and countries. The 4capital theory believes that an optimal combination of material capital, intellectual capital, social capital and spiritual capital is what produces best performance.

We define spiritual capital as the power, influence and dispositions created by a person or an organization's spiritual belief, knowledge and practice, as cited by many.

For material capital, intellectual capital, and social capital, we have adopted some widely accepted definitions, But, we have created our own unique measurements and assessment methods, for which data sciene and artificial intellegence have been utilized and will continuously be utilized to assist.



4Capital => life satisfaction of individuals 


4Capital => organizational performance 


4Capital => country development




Click HERE for a presentation on measuring spiritual capital


Note: the work presented here contains some research Dr. Alex Liu conducted in Stanford University and that with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring. Dr. Alex Liu has benefited from communicating with Danah Zohar, author of the book Spiritual Capital , Ernie Chu, author of the book Soul Currency, Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, author of the book Spiritual Enterprise, and Lawrence M. Miller, author of the book The New Capitalism.

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