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This Research Methods Knowledge Base is a comprehensive online sourcebook that covers all of the topics of social research methods. It addresses all the issues at every stage in a research process including formulating research questions,  constructing measurements, collecting data, analyzing data, and writing research reports.  The Knowledge Base was designed to be used by both the newcomers and more experienced researchers.  


1) The Basics of Research Methods

  1a) Research Questions

  1b) Definition of Some Other RM Concepts

  1c) Basic Probability and Statistics

  1d) Data Processing Basics

  1e) RM4Es Introduction

2) The Elements of Research Processes

  2a) Research is a process

  2b) The RM Basic Principles

  2c) Example: 7 steps to a regression model

  2d) ResearchMap Introduction

3) Special Research Methods

   3a) Regression Modeling

   3b) Structural Equation Modeling

    3c) Social Network Analysis

    3d) Hyperlink Analysis

4) Research Methods Q & A


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